Outstanding service and staff 04/21/2016

Centennial Nissan .. Best place to buy a vehicle .. Outstanding service and staff .. ?? ?? I recommend them to everyone!

-Joline Jarvis, Charlottetown-

Thank you Nissan for keeping my family safe. 02/23/2016

I would just like to say, to anyone who is unsure of "what vehicle to buy next?" When looking for a family vehicle, the 2015 Nissan Rogue ultimately saved myself and my families lives. Sunday evening we were involved in a serious collision. We were on our way to family dinner after our son had hockey practice. As we were heading to Meme and Pepes, everything was normal. Until my fiance says, "what in the.....??" Before he could finish his sentence and before I could look up, a car from the opposite side of the road, drove over the yellow line and directly into my vehicle, at approximately 70-80km an hour, ultimately flipping my vehicle, from what we were told by firefighters, atleast 3 times. My thoughts during the crash were scattered, franticly trying to ensure my children were still securely in their seats. I wasnt sure where my eight year old was or if my two year old was still fastened in his car seat, when the vehicle finally landed, and thankfully on its tires, we panicked, screamed and rushed to get ourselves out of the car, we could smell fire but we really had no idea what was happening. All air bags did deploy and by some miracle, not a window broke. My children were SAFE! I pulled them threw the front seat and we went to a bystanders car for safety and warmth. As we waited for first responders, I sat and bawled as i looked at my first brand new vehicle and how devastatingly beat up she was. I have never loved a vehicle more. When I bought my car in April, I felt a sense of accomplishment, she was my first pearly white brand new car and she had all the bells and whistles. The care that went into building the Rogue to ensure the passengers safety is outstanding. My children walked away from a horrifying car crash completely unharmed. My fiance and I have minor injuries but are so thankful to be able to still say goodnight to our children and to wake up with them each morning. My parents cant believe that they arent planning a funeral. We arent entirely sure how the insurance process works here, as I bought my car in Alberta, but someday when we can afford to own a brand new vehicle again, I will be spewing with excitement picking out my Rogue. Nothing will ever replace the feeling I had of my first brand new car, and it will be a long time before I feel comfortable driving again but when I do, I will be coming, and you will know me because I will have the biggest grin on my face and I will be basically skipping on your lot. I love my Rogue and I will miss her forever. Thank you Nissan for keeping my family safe

-Jody Sellar, Charlottetown-